aff forsterE. M. Forster’s legacy: “Only connect” over a century of British arts

University Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France)
Research team CAS (EA 801)

Convened by Pr Laurent MELLET and Dr Elsa CAVALIÉ

10 and 11 December 2015

Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

Toulouse, FRANCE



Thursday 10 December

9.15: Registration (room E411)

9.30: Conference opening (room F417)

10-11: Keynote address. Prof. Catherine LANONE (University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle): “‘Common Garden Variety’ or ‘Rare Bird’: the Persistence of E. M. Forster’s Singular Song”

11-11.30: Coffee break


Room E412

– Jean-Christophe MURAT (Aix-Marseille University): “E. M. Forster and Angus Wilson on Liberal Humanism and the Condition of England”

– Julie CHEVAUX (University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle): “E. M. Forster and the Obsession for Rhythm: Rewriting ‘The Story of a Panic’ with ‘The Life to Come’”

Room F417

– Alberto FERNANDEZ CARBAJAL(University of Leicester): “The Postcolonial Queer and the Legacies of Colonial Homoeroticism: E. M. Forster, David Lean and Hanif Kureishi”

– Nour DAKKAK (Lancaster University): “Walking, Drifting and Trailing: Forster in Film Adaptations”

– Niklas FISCHER (University of Sydney): “In Timeless Company: E. M. Forster and J. M. Coetzee”

13-14.30: Lunch (room E411)

14.30-15.30 (room F417):

– Aude HAFFEN (University Montpellier Paul Valéry): “‘Well, my England is E. M.’: E. M. Forster’s Legacy to the Auden-Isherwood Generation”

– Barbara GALLEGO LARRARTE (University of Oxford): “‘Personal Relations are the Real Life’: E. M. Forster’s Friendship with Christopher Isherwood”

15.30-16: Coffee break

16-17.30 (room F417):

– Xavier GIUDICELLI (University of Reims): “Creative Criticism/Critical Creation: E. M. Forster and Alan Hollinghurst”

– José Mari YEBRA (University of Zaragoza): “Forster’s Pastoral Legacy in Alan Hollinghurst’s fiction”

– Nicolas Pierre BOILEAU (Aix-Marseille University): “Coupling: the ‘Lost Form’ of 20th-Century Literature? ‘Only Disconnect?” in Forster, Hollinghurst and McGregor”

Dinner in town

Friday 11 December


Room E412

– Christina ROOT (Saint Michael’s College, Colchester, Vermont): “Levels of Reality: Developing a Visionary Perspective in Howards End

– Tim MACKIN (Saint Michael’s College, Colchester, Vermont): “Reconstructing Knowledge in A Passage to India


– Yi-Chuang Elizabeth LIN (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan): “A Passage of I, Beyond I, Towards I?: Never Let Me Go while Connecting”


Room F417

– Maaz BIN BILAL (Queen’s University Belfast): “E. M. Forster’s Place in the Long Discourse of Friendship, with Emphasis on Desire and the Secular over Eschatology”

– Marie LANIEL (University Picardie Jules Verne): “Tracing “the Heart’s Imagination” (E. M. Forster) in Contemporary British Fiction”

– Howard J. BOOTH (University of Manchester): “Queer Subjectivity and the Novel Form in E. M. Forster’s Fiction and Damon Galgut’s Arctic Summer

– Celia CRUZ-RUS (University of Malaga): “Arctic Summer in Context”

12-13.30: Lunch (room E411)

13.30-14.30: Keynote address (room F417). Prof. Jeremy TAMBLING (University of Manchester/University of Hong  Kong/independent scholar, England): “Civilization and Natural Depravity: On Forster, Melville, Lawrence, and Britten”

14.30-15: Coffee break

15-16 (room F417):

– Susan REID (University of Northampton): “E. M. Forster’s Musico-Literary Legacy”

– Jean-Michel GANTEAU (University Montpellier Paul Valéry): “He Cared: Forster, McEwan, and the Ethics of Attentiveness”

16-16.30: Coffee break

16.30-18: Round-table discussion on the future EMF Society (room F417)

E. M. Forster’s legacy: “Only connect” over a century of British arts

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